Scholarship Programme at Kings Al Barsha

The first Kings' Scholars will enter Kings Al Barsha in August 2016 at the start of the new academic year 2016-17. Kings are very proud of the small number of elite academic, music & sports scholarships offered to a limited number of internal and external students at the end of the summer term. Introducing a scholarship programme demonstrates the ambition at Kings' Education to bring the most gifted & talented students in Dubai to The Kings' Schools. With competition for places in the three Kings' Schools already increasing rapidly it also offers another opportunity for the best students in Dubai to enter any of the three schools. Learners learn best when they collaborate in their learning and gifted students spark ideas and creativity when they work together. That is central to the Kings' ethos and therefore these new scholars will benefit all of the existing and future students in the Kings' Schools as they work, learn and play together.

Alan Williamson, Principal at Kings' Al Barsha commented on the new Scholarship programme: "Undoubtedly the programme has ensured more gifted and talented students entering Kings' Al Barhsa. The real bonus for me was the opportunity to meet these wonderful students at interview and learn from them in relation to their energy and desire for education. They talked about innovative, creative and enterprising ideas to take the school forward and will undoubtedly be our leaders of learning in academia, arts, music and sport. However, they exist among a plethora of incredible students at Kings' Al Barsha. While acknowledging undoubted talent, we also spoke to our scholars, as we speak to all our students, about the Kings' ethos and the importance we place on effort and the growth mindset in our schools. I fundamentally believe that ALL of our students are 'able, gifted & talented' in different ways and via different skills-sets and competencies. Talent is important but, more important is the willingness to be determined and ambitious to perform 'even better than your best' and thus we believe our Kings' ethos and values driven education will deliver the best service for all of our gifted & talented students. It is a 'win-win' situation."