Camps should be places of adventure, discovery and independence, where children spend their days being active, learning new skills, building their resilience and self-confidence and – most importantly – making new friends. Kings’ holiday camps do just that, with a wide-ranging programmes designed with different age groups and interests in mind.

At Kings’, we will always ensure that our holiday camps are of the highest quality, designed to complement and extend the education our children are already receiving at our schools. run by both Kings’ teachers and highly qualified experts

In summer 2016, Kings’ launched its first camp in partnership with Ecoventure bringing together the experts in adventure and the leaders in education to deliver a set of unique programmes where learning, adventure and fun come together. See some of the parent feedback below.

Wow, I was so impressed with the camp and staff! Picking my kids up was a pure joy in seeing that they were so full of enthusiasm, positivity and pleasantries. They genuinely enjoyed every minute and were very eager to relay their day in the car on the way home (which isn’t always the case!!!).

Staff were kind, caring and friendly. Will be raving about the camp to all staff/teachers as well as parents at King's nad Al sheba. Thanks

Scarlett really enjoyed camp as it made her feel apart of something special.

Jacob really enjoyed camp and was sad he missed a couple of days. Jacob is a shy boy and being at camp has made him be a bit more adventurous.