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Scholarships FAQs

Q. What is a scholarship?

A. Generally this is a payment offered to support a student's education, awarded on the basis of academic or other achievement to promote learning at a higher level.

Q. What is a Kings' Scholarship?

A. Designed especially to identify, nurture and support the most gifted children in the UAE, chosen scholars will be supported through their education with our world-class faculty and facilities. Those awarded a scholarship will benefit from exemplary support and guidance designed to nurture their special talents and excel in their education at Kings'. Scholars will also receive up to 50 percent off their annual school fees. Kings' is proud to offer Scholarships to exceptional pupils who can become ambassadors for our school values and role models for all our children. It is also part of Kings' commitment to the UAE National Agenda.

Q. How is a Kings' Scholarship different?

A. We pride ourselves on our outstanding educational programmes, teaching capabilities and world class facilities. We want to attract and nurture the most gifted children through our scholarship scheme as well as providing financial support. This is aligned to our key principles: 'the best by every child', 'Kings' does things differently', 'British heritage, international perspective' and 'results the right way'.

Q. What scholarships are you offering?

A. Kings' are currently offering two particular scholarships:

  • GCSE Scholarship - Kings' School Al Barsha Year 6 and Secondary level only (for entry to Year 6 through to Year 11 for support through to GCSE)
  • A Level Scholarship - Kings' School Al Barsha Sixth Form (Years 12 and 13)

Q. Who is eligible?

A. Each scholarship will be available to both existing Kings' students and new students from other schools who meet the specified criteria (see below). Each scholarship is targeted at different age groups:

  • GCSE Scholarship: application in Year 5 onwards for entry into Years 6-11 (aged 10 - 16). It is possible for eligible students to join at anytime during Years 6 to 10 (before year 10 begins)
  • A Level Scholarship; application in Year 11 for entry to Year 12-13 (aged 16-18)

REMEMBER: Year 7 in the British system is the equivalent of Grade 6 in the American/IB systems; Year 10 is Grade 9; etc.

Q. What is offered?

A. Each scholarship offers up to 50% discount on standard school fees for the duration of the study period (i.e. until completion of GCSEs or A Levels). The chosen scholars will become ambassadors for Kings' Schools.

At Kings' we provide the an incredible platform for our students to reach their potential, encouraging students to drive their learning, helping them become confident and independent learners. We ensure that the school caters for the needs of the full ability range both within and beyond the curriculum and that 'being gifted' is translated into high achievement and learning attributes that will ensure personal success and/or benefits to the wider community.

In addition to this, scholars specifically will receive additional support such as tutoring and mentoring programmes.

What sports scholars also get:

  • Practical Sessions. Once a week students will come together for a training session and work with a specialist member of staff covering Rugby, Cricket, Swimming and Football. (Other sports will also be considered)
  • Masterclasses. Once a month all scholars come together to take part in a Sporting Masterclass. This covers various topics including nutrition and lifestyle choices as well as specific technical skills development related to chosen sport.

What academic scholars get:

  1. Enrichment within the curriculum;
  2. Enrichment beyond the curriculum;
  3. Extension. Extension refers to studying material not usually in the standard curriculum offer. Usually this material is at a more challenging level than the typical material at this age level.
  4. Acceleration. Acceleration occurs when students move through traditional curriculum at rates faster than typical, e.g advancing a year group, subject-based acceleration, within and beyond the classroom, early exam presentation beyond age & stage.
  5. Compaction. Curriculum compacting is a technique for differentiating instruction that allows teachers to make adjustments to curriculum for students who have already mastered the material to be learned, replacing content students know with new content, enrichment options, or other activities.

Q. When does the scholarship start?

A. The Scholarship Programme for 2017/18 starts from September 2017 and continues through to Examinations as highlighted above.

Q. What are the selection criteria?

A. For children in the relevant age groups, the criteria below will be applied, depending on which Scholarship you are applying for.

The academic selection process involves:

  1. Exceptional Cognitive Ability Test (CAT) scores and/or demonstrate excellence in a particular subject/s
    • Internal candidates: The highest attainers will be identified by the Kings' Academic Teams.
    • External candidates: Potential applicants will sit a CAT test. Those gaining a score within the top 5% of the Kings' year group students are eligible for consideration for the scholarship.
  2. Interview with the Principal or Secondary Headteacher and/or Headteacher Report from School.

The main criterion for selection on sporting ability, in addition to meeting our standard academic assessment criteria, is that a child must be exceptionally gifted at one of the following sports: netball, swimming, rugby, football, cricket. (Other Sports may be considered on application.)

The sporting selection process involves:

  1. Demonstration of exceptional sporting ability
    • Internal candidates: Recommendation by Kings' Sports Director and Leadership Team.
    • External candidates: Recommendation by the child's sports coach and the Kings' Sports Director (following an observation of the child competing).
    • External candidates must also successfully complete the school's normal admissions process.
  2. Interview with the Principal or Secondary Headteacher and/or Headteacher Report from School.

Q. Which Kings' Schools will the scholarships be available at?

A. The GCSE and A Level Scholarship will be offered at our Secondary School at Kings' School Al Barsha.

Q. When can I apply?

A. Applications are accepted throughout the academic year.

Q. How do I apply?

A. The application process is as follows:

  1. Existing Students:
    • Selected students (according to criteria above) will receive email from academic team in the coming weeks inviting their participation and explaining the process.
    • On receiving an invite, the student will need to complete and return the scholarship application form.
    • Invitation to interview.
    • Offers made from the academic team.
  2. New Students:
    • Online application to be made via Please ensure the Scholarships check box is ticked.
    • Download and complete Scholarship application form on website, and Sixth Form supplementary form if applying for Year 12. This is located underneath the main application form.
    • Complete normal admissions process (online application, supporting documents, registration fee) and Return Scholarship Application Form to Kings' School Al Barsha Registrar by Sunday 19th March 2017. The standard CAT test will take place as per all admissions for Years 7-10. For Year 12 applications, the Sixth Form supplementary form including predicted grades alongside school reports and interview.
    • Shortlisted applicants are invited to scholarship interview. They will receive further guidance as to what this entails.
    • Offers made from the academic team.

Q. Will I be notified about my application?

A. Yes, our Admissions team will contact you via email shortly after you submit your application.

Q. What happens after the scholarship period?

A. For GCSE students, at the end of the scholarship they can apply to Kings' Sixth Form. For A Level scholars, we hope you stay in touch as part of our growing alumni.

Q. Can I renew my scholarship following GCSE if I plan to stay to stay with Kings?

A. If you are part of the Kings' scholarship programme it will be reviewed every year to ensure that as a Kings' Scholar you are maintaining your levels of excellence, attendance and other areas of your academic progress. Following your GCSEs you can apply for scholarship if you are planning to join us for A levels.

Q. What are the obligations of the scholar?

A. Each scholar will be expected to become an ambassador for our schools. This includes taking part in internal and external events, taking on leadership roles and championing exemplification of the Kings' values. For sporting scholarships students will be expected to contribute to school teams. For academic scholarships we expect students to excel in their chosen academic areas. For older students, we would expect scholars to help mentor & coach younger students.