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Subsidised Transport FAQs

Q. How do I register for subsidised transport?

A. Please fill in the registration form that can be found at at Kings’ School Nad Al Sheba’s reception desks or on the School Communicator.

Q. Who is running transport for the school?

A. School Transport Services (STS) are our chosen supplier. They are the industry leader in terms of safety and experience. Please visit for more information.

Q. When does the service start?

A. The service will be available to all the students from the beginning of Term 3 in April 2017.

Q. How many buses will be operated?

A. The number of buses supplied will depend upon demand.

Q. How do I pay for school transportation?

A. Payment should be made in cash or cheque to our accounts department and is payable termly in advance.

Q. What is the subsidised rate of the bus service?

A. The subsidised cost is AED 4500 per year at a minimum discounted rate of 45%, payable termly from September 2017 as follows:

  • Term 1 - AED 1800
  • Term 2 - AED 1350
  • Term 3 - AED 1350

For the remainder of this academic year, Term 3 transportation will cost AED 1350.

Q. How long will the subsidised cost last for?

A. The subsidised transportation scheme will last until the end of academic year 2018-2019. After that, the service will be available at full cost (normal rates determined by STS).

Q. If I stop using the service part way though a term, will I be entitled to a refund?

A. No. We are unable to refund partial usage.

Q. Do children wear seatbelts and is this enforced?

A. Yes. Every student must wear a seatbelt and this is monitored by the female bus conductor.

Q. Who is responsible for getting the children on and off the bus?

A. The female bus conductor will help your child onto the bus and make sure that their seatbelts are fastened before the bus departs.

Q. What if I move house in the middle of a term?

A. If you move houses, please just inform us and we will arrange an alternative bus for your children.

Q. Is transportation available for Foundation Stage students as well?

A. Yes. Foundation Stage children taking up this service will be provided with a complimentary and compulsory child booster seat by STS.

Q. If my child is small and I have a nanny, can the nanny also travel with my child on the bus?

A. No. Unfortunately, no unapproved adults are allowed to travel on the bus.

Q. Can any family member or member of the household collect my child from the bus?

A. STS will provide a card for approved adults to collect children from the bus. This card must be shown to the bus conductor in order for the child to be collected.

Q. What happens if my child is late for the bus in the morning?

A. The bus will leave at the specified time with or without your child. You will have the timings for the whole route and you can use any of the other bus stops. If you miss the bus at your usual time, you can try to make it to other stops. If you are unable to make the bus, please inform the school of your plans or any late arrival.

Q. What happens if I am late to collect my child from the bus in the afternoon?

A. Your child will remain on the bus. You can attempt to meet the bus at another stop along the route. If you do not meet the bus on the entire route, your child will be returned to school and you will be asked to collect them from the school.

Q. How will the bus make up for delays due to traffic?

A. The routes are carefully planned to allow for usual traffic levels. If there is above expected levels of traffic, the bus will be delayed and each parent will be informed. The buses cannot deviate from specified routes, this is monitored very closely by STS.

Q. What if the bus is delayed due to unforeseen circumstances, such as breakdown?

A. The bus conductor will contact you to let you know what has happened and how long they expect to be delayed by. In such unforeseen circumstances, a substitute bus will be sent by STS to avoid long delays.

Q. Will transportation be available for the children participating in activities that happen during the school holidays?

A. Unfortunately, transportation cannot be provided during school holidays.

Q. Will transportation be available for the children attending after school clubs?

A. We will try to manage all requests but cannot, at this time, promise that it’s possible on all the occasions. We will send updates and information as and when appropriate and relevant.

Q. Who do I contact in case of emergency?

A. You will have the number of the bus driver and conductor that you can call in case of any immediate emergencies. You can also contact the school directly.

Q. What happens if a child needs medical attention during a bus journey?

A. If a child experiences travel sickness during the journey, the bus conductor will provide a sickness bag to the child. Depending on the severity, the conductor may call the parents to meet them earlier on the route, if possible. If a child becomes very unwell, the bus would be stopped, an ambulance would be called and the parents would be notified.

Q. Can I benefit from subsidised transport and any other discount (such as sibling discount and Emirates fee-matching scheme) at the same time?

A. No, the subsidy cannot be combined with any other discount offered by the school. Transportation will be available at full cost (normal rates determined by STS) to parents availing any other discount.