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At Kings’ School Dubai, our unique, bespoke curriculum is constantly evolving to reflect the dynamic world that we live in. It is based on the National Curriculum for England, to ensure that the skills and knowledge gained are in line with UK expectations yet is enhanced further by the addition of carefully selected concepts in each year group that enable children to question, discuss and synthesize information at a deeper level.

Our concept-based curriculum is skilfully designed to continuously reflect the specific needs and varied interests of our children, making it truly diverse and inclusive. Exciting hooks engage our learners, and the involvement of our children in deciding what they want to learn and how, ensures greater personalisation and motivates them through empowerment.

Every learning opportunity is thoughtfully planned to make learning accessible, purposeful, and contextualised. Cross-curricular and integrated learning experiences develop transferable skills and understanding. These learning experiences are designed to: develop critical-thinking skills; nurture risk-taking; stimulate the imagination; build confidence; provide opportunities for mastery; and develop leadership skills.

We encourage learning to be taken beyond the limits of the classroom. Our amazing facilities, warm community, inspiring local culture and places of interest in the local area provide exciting and authentic opportunities for enrichment. Specialist teachers in Physical Education and Swimming, Modern Foreign Languages and Arabic, Islamic Studies, Creative and Performing Arts, Music and Computing further enrich and enhance the curriculum through weekly taught sessions providing opportunities for depth and mastery at every level.

Children at Kings’ School Dubai experience a rich learning environment, filled with exciting challenges, creative hooks and memorable experiences, all designed to empower and inspire a lifelong love of learning.