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  • Ages 3 to 11
  • Years FS1 to Year 6
  • Primary
  • 950 students | 60+ nationalities
  • British curriculum
  • A warm and welcoming campus adjacent to the iconic Burj Al Arab
  • Ages 3 to 18
  • Years FS1 to Year 13 (6th Form from September 2017)
  • Primary through to Secondary
  • 1,660 students | 60+ nationalities
  • British curriculum with UK Academic Qualifications
  • Centrally located campus with world class Sports, Art and Technology facilities
  • Ages 3 to 11
  • Years FS1 to Year 6
  • Primary (Proposed Secondary from September 2018)
  • 340 Students | 30+ nationalities
  • British curriculum (Proposed IB curriculum for Secondary)
  • A close knit community campus within easy reach of all major areas in Dubai


‘The Best by Every Child’

Kings’ is a prestigious group of schools, with a British heritage and an international perspective, where children become effective, enthusiastic and independent life-long learners able to adapt to the changes and challenges of a fast-moving, modern world.

Three of the top schools in Dubai make up the Kings’ family, all following the National Curriculum for England as a framework which is then adapted to ensure a conceptual, integrated and enriched learning experience for our young learners. These are: 

  • Kings’ School Dubai (Foundation Stage and Primary) 
  • Kings’ School Al Barsha (Foundation Stage, Primary and Secondary) 
  • Kings’ School Nad Al Sheba (currently Foundation stage and Primary; with a new Secondary School opening soon)

Since opening in 2004, Kings' founding school has retained the distinction of being the only school in the United Arab Emirates to be given an 'Outstanding' rating every year after the Dubai Schools Inspection Bureau inspections began.

With students now totalling over 3,000 across the key campuses, Kings' has maintained its record of academic excellence and reputation as the leading British schools in Dubai. Kings’ offers a high quality education from age three to eighteen, starting with the early years all the way through to Sixth Form where we are preparing tomorrow’s adults today.

The following guiding principles are instrumental in the continued success of Kings' students:

  • Every child enjoys success, whilst feeling happy, included, secure and valued
  • A culture of emotional intelligence promotes kindness and respect for others and their learning
  • Our bespoke and innovative curriculum enables children to develop learning skills and behaviours within meaningful contexts
  • Learning and teaching is adapted to the potential and needs of each individual
  • A culture of ambition, reflection and high expectation allows children to take ownership of their learning and achieve results the right way
  • Opportunities within and beyond the school encourage children to develop their personality, interests and social responsibility
  • Our children develop an understanding of and respect for their local context and the wider world
  • Kings’ parents are partners in their child’s learning.

Schools should be special places, filled with happiness, curiosity and investigation, with inspiring teachers, challenging learning experiences and rich memorable activities. Kings’ Schools provide this environment; beautiful campuses, staffed by highly qualified teachers and exceptional leaders. Kings’ is a place of educational distinction, focused on achieving ‘The Best By Every Child’.