• Ages 3 to 11
  • Years FS1 to Year 6
  • Primary
  • 950 students | 60+ nationalities
  • British curriculum
  • A warm and welcoming campus adjacent to the iconic Burj Al Arab
  • Ages 3 to 18
  • Years FS1 to Year 13 (6th Form from September 2017)
  • Primary through to Secondary
  • 1500 students | 60+ nationalities
  • British curriculum with UK Academic Qualifications
  • Centrally located campus with world class Sports, Art and Technology facilities
  • Ages 3 to 11
  • Years FS1 to Year 6
  • Primary (Proposed Secondary from September 2018)
  • 290 Students | 30+ nationalities
  • British curriculum (Proposed IB curriculum for Secondary).
  • A close knit community campus within easy reach of all major areas in Dubai


‘The Best by Every Child’

Founded in 2004 to meet the needs of local and international families, Kings’ British Schools offer world-class education for children aged 3 to 18 years old. We operate as one family across three schools in Dubai, all proudly offering the British curriculum via the National Curriculum for England. Kings’ Schools are prestigious schools, with a British heritage and an international perspective, welcoming students from around the globe. We teach our children to become effective, enthusiastic and independent lifelong learners, able to adapt to the challenges of a fast-moving, modern world. We firmly believe that we offer the best education in the UAE. Our founding school is the only school in Dubai to have been awarded the ‘outstanding’ rating every year since inspections by the Dubai Schools Inspection Bureau began. The growth of our schools has been carefully managed to protect the exceptional standards that Kings’ has become renowned for.