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Scholarships Closed

Scholarships for 2018/19 are now closed.


Applications will reopen in October 2018.

If you would still like to be considered you may still apply, but please note that interview will only take place in the Autumn Term 2018/19. 





Kings’ Education is proud to offer Scholarships to exceptional students. We want to attract and nurture the most gifted and talented children through our scholarship programme.

Following the success of the Kings’ Scholarship programme last academic year, the coveted Scholarships programme for academic year 2017/2018 is now open to GSCE and A Level students demonstrating excellence in academia, sport, or the expressive arts. Those who are accepted will benefit from exemplary support and guidance designed to nurture their special talents and excel in their education at Kings’. Scholars will also receive up to 50 percent off their annual school fees.

The highly selective programme, back for a second year running, is open to both current Kings’ students and external candidates. Applicants will need to demonstrate excellence in academic subjects such as English, Maths and the Sciences and/or in the fields of Sport, Music or Drama alongside a significant Cognitive Abilities Test (CAT) score.

GCSE Scholarship

Prospective GCSE scholars (applying in Year 5 onwards available for Years 6-10, age 10-16 years) must have a high CAT score and/or demonstrate excellence in a particular subject with supporting evidence, such as positive reports from their subject leader or coach, awards won or teams participated in, shared alongside their application. The GCSE scholarship is on offer for a maximum period of six years when joining in Year 7, entry in later years is also available and scholarship status is subject to maintaining the minimum criteria. Renewal would be considered at A Level for the best students.

A Level Scholarship

Prospective A Level scholars (applying in Year 11 for Year 12 and 13, age 16-18 years) must be predicted to obtain five A* or A grade GCSEs and/or demonstrate academic excellence in two or more subjects they are aiming to pursue at A Level. Again, supporting evidence must be shared with the application. The A Level scholarship is available for the duration of the two year A Level period.

Successful applications for both, will go to a second stage interview with the Kings’ Leadership Team, with places awarded by April 2017. They will join an elite group of scholars currently studying at Kings’ who are busy making their mark in a variety of fields.

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What’s Next?

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Student Testimonials

“As an academic Kings’ scholar I have a dual responsibility to be an ambassador of the school brand and to shape the way students learn – all whilst maintaining my own grades and studying for my GCSEs. I appreciate the opportunity of being selected as the first female scholar of the UAE and recognised as a leading thinker who is passionate about learning.”
– Aleena Khan, Year 10 Academic Scholar

“I spend quite a lot of time on swimming but I also do gymnastics and football. When I grow up I want to be an Olympian for swimming and compete and do the impossible like Michael Phelps. School helps us with communicating, leadership and encouraging people to be strong and to keep carrying on. Sport is fun because of the exercise and I’ve met a lot of my friends through sport.”
– Nina Ciolli, Year 7 Sports Scholar.