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‘The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.’
(Pablo Picasso)

At Kings’ School Al Barsha Secondary level, we have a beautiful, spacious Art Department, which is filled with light and has inspiring views over the Dubai skyline. It consists of:

  • five studio areas
  • sculpture and ceramics workshop
  • outdoor working areas
  • sculpture garden
  • specialist library and resources room.

We share our outstanding facilities with the Design Technology Department. Students are able to engage in drawing, painting, printmaking, textiles, photography, ceramics and sculpture.

All students at Kings’ School Al Barsha study Art and Design up to Year 9 (aged 14). After that, students can choose to study Art and Design (Fine Art) for GCSE, and then Fine Art for A Level from September 2017.

Through studying Art and Design, students learn to understand critical and creative thinking processes, to develop their confidence and ability in artistic expression, and to gain a deeper awareness of historical and cultural context to different artistic disciplines.

In Years 7 to 9, students are encouraged to experiment in creating their own artworks in response to a broad overall theme for each school year. They also learn some key skills and vocabulary, as well as exploring key artists. Students will also be taught to refine and present their work in an annual exhibition.

For GCSE, students will develop their understanding and practice further, including exploring:

  • a range of art, craft and design processes
  • a variety of genres, styles and traditions
  • how ideas, feelings and meanings are conveyed in art
  • the relevance of social, historical and cultural contexts to different forms of art.

As well as developing their artistic skills, students will learn how to critically analyse and evaluate works of art, including their own. They will also develop a Personal Portfolio, and work towards both the GCSE examination and an end-of-course exhibition.

Students choosing to study Fine Art at A Level will develop their skills, techniques and understanding further, with a greater level of depth and independence. They will also be given advice about options for further study and careers relating to Art.

Music is also an integral part of the Expressive Arts. We have had a successful relationship with the Centre for Musical Arts for several years now, offering music programmes across our campuses with a variety of instruments. Lessons are carefully timetabled in order to work smoothly alongside the normal curriculum preventing any disruption. All students who are registered can also make full use of The Centre for Musical Arts facilities and are encouraged to get involved with the ensembles and orchestras which are run each week. For more details on the CMA please visit