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Kings’ Education has a strong commitment to the inclusion and pastoral support of all our families and students; this includes students who are identified with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities, English as a Second Language, English Language Learners, High Achievers and Gifted and Talented Students.

Kings’ Education works in line with the Dubai Inclusive Education Policy Framework (2017) and incorporates good working practice in line with legislation such as the:

Support for students begins at admission, with a thorough identification process to ensure that appropriate support is available; and continues with ongoing identification and support through the academic and student support networks.

At Kings’ Schools, we offer inclusive provision with additional support, intervention, differentiation and personalisation, where appropriate. For more information, please view our Inclusion Policy:

Inclusion Policy (English)

The whole school community is encouraged to ensure inclusion and the best possible social, emotional, behavioural and academic progress for all of our students. This is provided through innovative learning and teaching, dissemination of information, training and access to SEND specialists at all levels.

Kings’ Education has comprehensive Inclusion Support Teams comprising of experienced and highly skilled staff. Across all our schools we operate as a team under the Learning Inclusively at Kings’ umbrella (LInK)

All three sites have access to support from in-house:

  • Qualified Special Education Needs Coordinators (including NASENCo)

  • Highly qualified and experienced teachers and leaders

  • Speech and Language Therapist

  • Dyslexia Intervention Specialists

  • Diagnostic Assessment and Identification

  • JCQ Experienced Exam Access Arrangement Team

  • Communication and Interaction Specialists (Autism)

  • Literacy and English as an Additional Language Teachers

  • Learning Support Teachers

  • Intervention Staff and In-class Learning Support Assistants

  • Class Teachers, Tutors, Heads of Year, Phase Leaders, Lead Practitioners, Wellbeing Coordinator, Counsellor and Senior Leaders with responsibility

Inclusion is important to us at Kings’. All our students need to feel they belong and their happiness and progress in learning is vital to our value system. The commitment to being an inclusive school is both a passion and a focus for every member in the organisation, stemming from The Chairman, through the Principals, to the teaching and non-teaching staff. It is a cohesive part of all student learning particularly through Moral Education.