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Extended Project Qualification

Good education is not only about imparting knowledge – important though that is – but about developing deep thought, independence and creativity, and offering opportunities for intellectual enquiry.

What is the Extended Project?
At the heart of our Extended Curriculum is the requirement for you to develop and realise an advanced level project entirely of your own devising. Studied during Year 12, the Extended Project offers you the chance to gain real independence, resilience and maturity as an advanced level learner, while pursuing any topic of your choosing. It also offers you an additional AS level qualification alongside your A level choices.

What does it involve?
The Extended Project gives you the freedom and time to explore an idea that interests you and it is an opportunity for you to pursue and research something you feel passionate about. It involves working independently to produce either a

  • Dissertation, investigation or report
  • Artefact or design
  • Performance, either solo or in a group
  • Charity event (group)

What can you do for your Extended Project?
The answer is ‘anything’! As long as it is

  • safe, practical, ethical and achievable
  • not examined elsewhere

For a full insight into our offering to Year 12 and 13 students, please visit our dedicated Sixth Form Website.