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FOUNDATION STAGE (FS1 and FS2, ages 3 to 5)

At Kings’ School Al Barsha, we provide a broad and balanced curriculum for our youngest children, aged 3 to 5 years, based on the UK Early Years Foundation Stage. From September 2021, we will be following the updated EYFS Profile (2021) The curriculum covers the areas of:

    • personal, social and emotional development.
    • communication and language
    • physical development
    • literacy
    • mathematics
    • understanding the world
    • expressive arts and design

    Every child is unique and our teaching is designed to treat all children as individuals. Our holistic approach means that parents/carers, class teachers, specialist teachers and learning assistants work very effectively together to support our ethos ‘the best by every child’. Our teachers skillfully plan an interest led curriculum, which empowers students to take the lead in their learning. 

    Our Guiding Principles within the Foundation Stage are as below:

      • all children are unique 
      • there is goodness and compassion in every child
      • children are curious, creative, natural inquirers and are motivated by their own interests
      • children learn through exploration and play
      • children are resilient learners who understand mistakes are part of the learning process
      • teachers and children guide and facilitate the learning, co-constructing their knowledge together
      • relationships are fundamental

    Most importantly, we believe that happy and well-motivated children are good learners. The Foundation Stage is a safe, secure and friendly environment for our youngest children to gain confidence and independence, in preparation for the next stage of their schooling. It is an excellent foundation for future learning.

    PRIMARY (Years 1 to 6, ages 5 to 11)

    At Kings’ School Al Barsha, the Primary level of schooling takes children from age 5 to 11, and is broken into two stages:

    • Key Stage 1 (Years 1 and 2, ages 5 to 7)
    • Key Stage 2 (Years 3 to 6, ages 7 to 11).

    Our bespoke curriculum is based on the National Curriculum for England, to ensure that the skills and knowledge gained are in line with UK expectations, but our teaching is tailored to the individual children so that the learning experience is meaningful and inspiring.

    Key Stage 1 is designed to support children in their transition from mostly play-based learning in the Foundation Stage to the more formalised routines and situations of Key Stage 2. We plan opportunities to make the learning experience memorable, by adding imagination and excitement into the mix, encouraging children to learn through collaboration, investigation and perseverance. Our children have hatched baby chicks, turned investigators after a friendly giant broke into classrooms, created artwork from marvellous medicines, discovered Ancient Egyptian tombs in darkened hallways, and received a series of challenges from a lighthouse keeper!

    Key Stage 2 begins with a greater emphasis on independence, leadership and collaboration. In the first two years, teachers facilitate learning experiences designed to:

    • provoke thinking skills
    • nurture risk-taking
    • develop emotional intelligence
    • stimulate the imagination
    • challenge
    • build confidence
    • develop leadership skills.

    In the final two years, leadership is further developed and children are expected to take on various leadership roles. The most prestigious and responsible are the elected positions of Head Boy, Head Girl, House Captain and Vice House Captain for each of the four Houses. These school leaders will play an integral role in the running of the school, planning and engaging in many events throughout the year. But all children have the opportunity to lead in areas of school life, such as caring for the animals, running the school library or reading to the younger children.

    Throughout the Primary years, learning goes beyond the limits of the classroom. Our amazing facilities, local culture and places of interest provide exciting opportunities to enrich the curriculum. From testing aerodynamic racing cars at Yas Island Marina Circuit to beach clean-up eco days, all our trips and experiences are designed to promote hands-on learning and team-building in real-life situations.

    Children at Kings’ School Al Barsha will experience a rich learning environment, filled with exciting challenges, creative hooks and memorable experiences, designed to inspire a lifelong love of learning.