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At Kings’ Schools, we teach our children to become effective, enthusiastic and independent lifelong learners, able to adapt to the challenges of a fast-moving, modern world.

What sets us apart is not only our achievements, highly qualified staff and world-class facilities; but our guiding principles through which we strive every day to do ‘The Best by Every Child’. This overarching principle reflects the individual pathway and progression routes each child has at Kings’.

To understand our approach, read more on our core principles:

Kings’ Does Things Differently

At Kings’ Schools we follow the National Curriculum for England as a framework which we then adapt to ensure a conceptual, integrated and enriched learning experience for our young learners. It is important that we contextualise the curriculum so that children understand what they are learning and why, by using the environment around them. It is also influenced by the individual and evolving needs of our children. The result is a rigorous bespoke curriculum, relevant to children growing up in Dubai but designed to produce happy and successful global citizens, ready to take their place in the world.

We enrich the National Curriculum of England with some of the best of international practice. Examples include: IB elements such as concept based curriculum, student led conferences and our Learning Behaviours programme, pastoral care from Finland, maths pedagogy from Shanghai, Sports Director taken from the American system where the role has great impact on take up and outcomes of competitive sports.

Results the Right Way

Our outstanding teaching is creative and forward-thinking: we are always seeking innovative ways to inspire a lifelong love of learning in our young people. We believe that the way children are taught is as important as what they learn.

Our approach is holistic, incorporating academic excellence and the attainment of skills as well as knowledge. We encourage our children to be active learners in every aspect of school life, inspiring independent, self-motivated and resilient individuals. We believe it is not enough in itself to gain entry to a top university; we want to develop happy, responsible global citizens that are equipped to make the most of the opportunities that outstanding results present.

We offer a caring environment for children through pastoral care, support networks and citizenship education to encourage results the right way. This environment is focused on student happiness, health and well-being. The results speak for themselves with students achieving exceptional attainment, progress and success within and beyond the curriculum.

British Heritage, International Perspective

We are very proud of our British heritage and our thriving international community which is made up of many nationalities from around the globe. It is this combination of community and world-class educational standards that delivers such a high-quality, well-rounded, international education.

We are proud to offer the National Curriculum for England and our roots are heavily steeped in British heritage; this is reflected across everything we do. Kings’ Schools value and respect its ‘British School’ mission and evaluation via British Schools Overseas inspections and membership of organisations such as British Schools in the Middle East.

Kings’ equally values and respects its international mission – reflected by our diverse community of learners and the country in which we operate. We place heavy emphasis on international cultural understanding, language learning, global awareness and the importance of local context. This duality is reflected around the school in the curriculum, resources, displays and events – International Day is one of the most important dates on the school calendar as it shows the diversity and respect for all cultures at Kings’

Kings’ Learner Behaviours

A team of teachers and leaders, students and parents representing all three Kings’ Schools and age groups, identified what a Kings’ learner looks like. By looking at what we do already, using academic research and practices from a variety of sources, five key behaviours have been identified:

  • Kings’ Learners Collaborate
  • Kings’ Learners are Critical Thinkers
  • Kings’ Learners demonstrate Leadership
  • Kings’ Learners demonstrate Emotional Intelligence
  • Kings’ Learners develop Enquiring Minds

Student progress in each of these skills & competencies is monitored and students are often rewarded for demonstrating progress in these areas of learner development.

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